The Secret To Keepsake Organization

We all have things that have special meaning to us, but don’t know what to do with them and they are taking up useful space. I have been collecting meaningful items for years, and I started getting overwhelmed with how much I had, what to do with it all, and how to organize it. I did some research and finally finished the project in the best way possible! I’m about to share with you how to minimize your keepsake items in a decorative way.

I give all the credit of this organization project to the amazing book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. This book completely changed the way I organize. I definitely recommend this book and suggest everyone reads it at least once. It’s that good! In one chapter she talks about keepsake items and how they are often times very hard to part with, and that is why you can end up with too much stuff. After reading her book I was so motivated to get my keepsake items in order that I couldn’t wait to start the project and share it with all of you! Here’s how I did it:

Gather all keepsake items in one area

The main point of this book is to sort and organize by category, not by room. For example, you should organize all the candles in your house, then all your books, then all your jewelry instead of doing your kitchen, then your room, then your office. By gathering everything in one area you can see how much you really have and you will be able to eliminate more things than if you organized room by room. I was pretty shocked at how much stuff I had collected over the years that was taking up tons of space in my room.


Keepsake before

Create a trash pile

There were lots of things I’d kept over the years that I had no idea why I kept them. Try to throw away as much stuff as you can that doesn’t hold meaning to you anymore. This can be the toughest part, but it’s important to recognize what will hold life-long meaning and what won’t.

Create a ‘things to take pictures of’ pile

This was a revolutionary idea to me. Objects that hold meaning to you that you don’t need to have taking up space in your home can be photographed and put into a photo album with a snippet of what it means to you. This way you will not lose the memory of the item, but you do not have unnecessary clutter. Now it’s all in one small, compact space!

Photo Album.JPG

Create a ‘keep’ pile

There are some things that are very meaningful, and I want to keep forever. I tried to minimize the things I kept so they could fit into the two boxes I had. These are the things that mean a lot to me no matter how much time goes by, and that’s why they are the things I decided to keep.


Final Boxes

Finished Project:

Now that I have photos of the things that are meaningful to me instead of the actual objects I was able to clear up so much space! The photo album fits perfectly with my books and stays out of the way. Now I can still see pictures of those things, but they aren’t taking up space in my room and causing clutter.


The reason I chose to use these boxes from TJ Maxx is because they are more sturdy and can get double use by being a decoration in my house! Since these are the items that mean the most to me I don’t want them to get beat up in an old box stored away in the garage that I won’t look at for years. Now, they can be nicely stored away in a cute and organized box.


I hope you are able to take something away from these tips and feel motivated to get your keepsake items in order! If you need help in other areas of your house I highly, highly recommend reading the Marie Kondo book!

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*This post contains an affiliate link. This is a book I own, apply the tips in my own life, and recommend to all my friends in family. I would never promote anything I wouldn’t use myself.*

4 thoughts on “The Secret To Keepsake Organization

  1. I love this idea! I’ve recently been struggling with how I’m going to keep everything, but refuse to have clutter and hoard it all!

  2. Great ideas Katie! I love the idea of photographing special items. I have kept SO many things over the years that signify a special memory. They are just things though. I can’t use them, they create clutter and I don’t need them. I can remember them via photographs though. This makes so much sense to me! Thank you for sharing!!!

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