Save Money With These $1 Deals!

The Dollar Tree has always been a place I knew about and shopped at occasionally, but I recently went in and was amazed at some of the things I found! They have definitely stepped up their game. This shopping trip completely opened my eyes to some of the things you can buy that would normally be somewhat expensive at other stores but for only $1 here!

First off, I got a super cute pair of black aviator sunglasses which are usually hard to find under $10. The quality of them is no different than a pair you would buy at a place like Target, so it was a pretty exciting find!


I had no idea The Dollar Tree sold books! Books can be expensive, so this is an amazing deal. I was even more shocked when I looked at the back of one of the books and realized it retails for $24!! Buying four books would normally cost a lot and I got all of these for only $4!!

Dish Ware

I was impressed by the great quality of some of the dishes here. I bought a bowl and a plate and they are such good quality you would never know I bought them for a total of $2. I was shopping with my boyfriend and we made the decision to never pay tons of money for dishes when you can get good quality ones for so cheap! They also had great kitchen utensils that I will be purchasing as soon as I have my own apartment! This is such a great place to shop for kitchen supplies if you are a college student on a budget, like me.


Fall is my favorite time of year and I love decorating for it, so as soon as fall decor comes out I love seeing what’s in stock! I was amazed to see such good quality items. They had really nice looking fake flowers and some made out of burlap which was a cute touch. The decorative pumpkins they have are also amazing quality and are something you would find at any home decor store! They had all sorts of cute signs and table decorations as well.


Other items that are great finds:
-Stationary items such as gift bags and cards
-Food containers
-Picture frames
-Storage containers
-School supplies
-Kids toys
-Plastic/paper plates and silverware
-Kitchen utensils
-Cleaning products (even a few brand name)
-Toiletries (also some brand name)

Overall, The Dollar Tree has some really great quality items that you would never expect to find. I’m all about finding good deals and inexpensive decorating options, so this store is going to be my go to when I am looking for these things before I go to a more expensive store!

What’s your favorite or most expensive item you have found at a discounted price? I love hearing about what other people find!

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6 thoughts on “Save Money With These $1 Deals!

  1. The Dollar Store… so much stuff under one roof… I never noticed books at the stores I’ve been to,,, how lucky are you! My best bargain was a package of 12, 5″x7″ clasp envelopes for $1! At the office supply stores, the price was $5-6 for the same item. Wrapping paper, ribbon, and cards are often a good find…

    1. Wow that’s such a good deal! Nothing feels better than finding something for way less expensive than normal.

  2. girlll, dollar tree has been my go-to for months haha. So by me (I’m from Central New jersey) there used to be a store called DEALS, it had literally everything in it for a $, but it looked like it was a CVS except not a pharmacy, they ended up changing it to being a Dollar Tree store now but it’s still all for a $1, it’s super great. but me, I like to shop online a lot more than going out and buying things, so there’s this website called WISH and JOOM not sure if you heard of it but those two are literally cheap prices for a lot of things that I own. yeah it takes a while to get to you but it’s worth the wait when a lot of the things you buy are $2 with like no shipping and so forth.

    1. Wow I haven’t heard of that website, but I will for sure check it out! There’s nothing like getting good deals on things that are normally more expensive!

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