The Importance Of A Handwritten Note

One thing I love about living in a sorority house is that there have been so many times I have walked into my room to find a sweet or funny note waiting for me on my desk. There is something about a handwritten note that can lift your spirits. Technology is such a huge part of our lives that sometimes we forget that a note can mean more than a text and really make a person’s day.

Why it’s nice to receive them:

They can be saved

Maybe this is just a big one for me because I am a pretty sentimental person, but there is nothing I love more than going through old things and finding a note or card from years ago that brings back memories. A text doesn’t hold the same value. It is great to receive a nice text from someone, but after a few days that text is pretty much gone and you will forget about it years down the road.

They can be looked at when you’re feeling down

There have been so many times that I have had a really bad day or I am feeling down and a friend has noticed and written a note for me that completely lifted my mood. I love keeping every note that I receive in a little box in my drawer and when I need to be reminded to be positive I will read a couple of the notes and it helps make my day a little better. I keep all my notes that make me happy or make me laugh in a cute box from TJ Maxx that I keep in my desk drawer so I can put new ones in it.

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Someone took time out of their day for you

Anyone can get on their phone at any point of the day and write a quick text saying something nice to you, which is very thoughtful and will still make you happy, but there is something about someone writing a note that seems more special. It’s unexpected and takes a little extra time.

Why it’s nice to write them:

You can make someone’s day

You never know when someone really needs a little positivity in their life until you write them a note and see how much they appreciate it. I have so many notes that made me smile or laugh on days when I really needed it, and I love knowing I can do the same for someone else. My mom works really long and hard days so I like to write her a little note every once in awhile thanking her for something, telling her to have a good day, or telling her I love her because at least if she is having a stressful day she has a note that reminds her that she is appreciated, which leads into the next point.


You show the person that you appreciate them

This is especially true when writing thank you notes. When I was younger I did’t really understand the point of thank you cards when you can just say thank you, but as I’ve gotten older I realize the importance of them. When someone goes out of their way to do something for you or buy something for you it is important to show your appreciation. A text is great, but a card is even more special and shows that you care.

Handwriting cards, notes, and letters is such a nice gesture that seems to be slowly going away as technology becomes a bigger part of our lives. I hope this post encourages you to write a note to someone to show them that you care!

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6 thoughts on “The Importance Of A Handwritten Note

  1. I LOVE handwritten notes – they are so special! My boyfriend and I have started a trend where we give each other cards and letters every once in awhile just to thank each other for being awesome. It’s so sweet!

    1. That’s so nice! And I agree that they are so much more special. My boyfriend and I have some notes from years ago and it’s so fun to be able to look back at them. You’ll be happy that you guys are writing cards to each other!

  2. So true! For special occasions I always choose to write out a blank card rather than buy one at the store. I have a whole drawer of blank cards and I also have a box of old notes tucked away like you do!

    1. That’s a good idea to use blank ones instead of ones with a bunch of words in them! That makes it even more special and shows that you thought about them instead of just purchasing something.

  3. Great post! I LOVE to write, send, and receive handwritten notes. It’s that little something “extra”. And if you get it in the mail, it sure beats a bill or junk mail, etc. Great idea to send mom one – I talk and text with mine often, but I’m going to send her something in the mail.

    1. I agree! Receiving something in the mail definitely feels better than what you normally receive. I’m happy you will be mailing something to your mom 😊 I’m sure it will make her day.

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