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The time has come… I am finally doing an organization post! I am so excited because organizing is like therapy to me. I actually enjoy doing it in my free time. There is nothing better than seeing a messy area become spotless and functional again. Since I have moved back into my parents house for the summer I just threw my stuff all over the place when I was unpacking, so it was finally time that I took care of it!



Now I will walk you through the steps I took in order to make sure I maximized my space, kept only what I needed, and organized things into their best possible areas.

Go through everything in the space and make three piles

This part can get a little messy and overwhelming so make sure you’re ready to tackle the project. You need to go through each part of the bathroom you are organizing and take everything out. The cabinets and drawers should be completely empty at the end of this step. This is when I sat on the floor and quickly tossed stuff into a keep pile, a donate pile, and a trash pile. I came across many products that were not fully used and I didn’t want to get rid of because I didn’t want to waste my money, but these things are all taking up space and I will never use them. Think if you will use the product in the next month and if the answer is no then throw it out or donate it.

*TIP: Try to repurpose things. I had a cotton round holder that I was about to put in the Goodwill pile until I realized I could use it to keep all my razors. These are expensive and I feel like I am always buying more because I never had a set place I kept them. Now I’ll always know where to look.


Once the cabinets and drawers are empty evaluate the space

By having a completely empty area it really helped me see how much space I actually had. This is also a good time to vacuum and wipe down the surfaces. If you are planning to shop for new organizers I recommend measuring the cabinet and drawers so you know what the sizes are. This will make it a lot easier when you are in the store trying to figure out what could fit. Try to picture how you want the space to be organized so you go into the store with an idea in mind of what you need.

Set all your organizing bins aside

After all my bins were empty and sitting in one area I was amazed at how many I had that were not being used very well. My initial plan was to buy new pieces to organize with, but once I saw them all together I realized I could work with what I had and save money. This also helps you visualize what you want to go in each bin and where you want each bin to go.


Organize similar objects into categories

Once I had just the things I was keeping laid out on the floor it was easy to group the objects into categories. By having objects separated into categories it will make it way easier to find things when you are looking for them. Now that you have everything separated, you can decide what bins you will be organizing them into.

Create an overflow bin

Once I had all my products laid out I realized I had multiples of the same items. Since I was so unorganized I never knew what I had so I would buy more. Having an overflow bin is a great way to keep the most useful space open to the things you need most. I somehow had three bottles of hydrogen peroxide, and I only need one bottle in easy access, so I put the others in the overflow bin to use later. I put all of my overflow items into the grey bin with the lid so other bins could be stacked on top of it. Since they are items I don’t need very often they don’t need to be as easy to get to. I also used some of my makeup bags for extra smaller things that I am storing in the drawer.

Put away in order of how often things are used

Even though it is super nice for everything you organize to look aesthetically pleasing like some of the pictures on Pinterest, it is more efficient to organize it so that it is functional. That is how you will be able to keep everything more organized for a longer period of time. Put the least used items farther in the back or under other bins, and put the things that are used daily in the areas that will be easiest for you to get to and put back even in a rush.

Velcro your most used things to the cabinet door

This is one of my favorite tips and is one of the best ways to maximize your space! Back to school season is the perfect time to buy these kinds of organizers because locker supplies work perfectly for it. Here are two super cute organizers that you can easily velcro to the inside of your cabinet door and have quick and easy access to your most used things: Magnetic Mesh Holder and Magnetic Storage Bin. Office supplies can also do the trick. I already had this pencil organizer on hand, so I decided I would use it. I put my face masks in it because I use them often but don’t want them on the counter. Now they are in easy reach and not taking up space that could be used more efficiently. I found this one on Amazon that I’m in love with: Cosmetic Organizer. By doing this you are making a great use of space that is otherwise wasted.


After following all these steps I was able to get this all done in about 30 minutes! I got rid of so many unnecessary items and realized I have way more space than I thought. I even have room for more!


AFTER (main)

Drawer AFTER

Since I don’t live in my own house yet I can’t always buy all the stuff I want to organize with, and the spaces I can organize are limited since I don’t want to completely take over my parent’s house (you’re welcome mom), but I thought I would help you guys out by linking some awesome organizers below that I will FOR SURE be buying when I have my own house one day.

Slide Out Organizer: This is very similar to the slide out organizer I have, but this one is higher quality and is sectioned off in areas to make organizing easier. The stuff in mine slides around when I pull the drawers out, so having it sectioned off keeps things in place.

Adjustable Under Sink Organizing Shelves: These shelves are the best invention I have ever seen! The pipes under the sink always get in the way and can make it hard to arrange things around it. If I didn’t already have storage bins I would have bought this.

3 Tier Cabinet Organizer: These organizers are usually seen in the kitchen and pantry, but they are also great for organizing products under your sink so that you can see everything you have!

I hope these tips give you some good ideas and help motivate you to organize your bathroom! What’s your favorite bathroom organization tip?

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11 thoughts on “Simple Bathroom Organization

  1. Love the velcro idea, Katie! We are currently de-cluttering our entire condo in preparation for a move abroad. We have already accomplished a lot in just a few weekends, but have been putting off tackling our bathroom cabinet. When I saw this post, well, it was meant to be! Thanks for the encouragement. Now if you could just write a post about listing my place on AirBnB, that would be fantastic! 😉

    1. I’m so glad I could help you! A move abroad like that can be stressful but it will be worth it! Good luck with everything 😊

      1. I’m sure the stress will come. Right now it’s simply an exciting adventure. Just read your About page. Small 🌎. Tualatin is the closest thing I have to a second home. My grandparents had a home on the river. I still have family in the area and I was born very nearby. Cheers! It has grown dramatically in the last few decades.

      2. Wow very small world! It really is amazing how much it has grown and changed in the last few years. It’s becoming very busy!

      3. Thank you so much! And congrats on your blog as well. It’s such a fun community to be apart of and I love connecting with new people. I can’t wait to see what else is to come.

  2. I am so excited! I took your bathroom organization advice and now my countertop is so nice and clean. All the hairspray, lotion, make-up remover etc… that used to sit on it are now in this handy container on the inside of the cabinet door under my sink. 😀 Thank you!

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