12 Ways To Get In Shape Without A Gym

Walk around the block to your mailbox

Instead of going straight to your mailbox take a little walk around the block. This is not only relaxing but gives you extra steps that you wouldn’t have otherwise had.


Take the stairs

This is an easy one that I’m sure we’ve all heard a thousand times, but that’s because it works. Any time you have the chance you should take the stairs because it helps you get more steps in your day to burn more calories.

Take double steps on stairs

This one helps get you some booty muscle! Just skip one stair every step you take. I’ve been doing this for so long that it’s practically a habit.

Use arm weights

Buy low weight arm weights and wear them around your house at night. This is an easy way to get a little extra arm muscle without thinking about it. Wear them while you brush your teeth, clean your room, or do laundry. I like the Zensufu Ankle or Wrist Weights because you can also wear them around your ankles for a light weight leg exercise.

Take the farthest spot in the parking lot

It always feels so good to score front row parking at the grocery store, but I’m here to tell you that you should take the farthest spot in the parking lot! Parking far away from the store gives you extra steps both on your way in and your way out. Easy calorie burner! Plus you’ll almost never have trouble finding a parking spot. It’s a win-win situation.


Do calf raises while getting ready

I love doing this one while I’m blow drying my hair or doing my make up. It’s actually harder than it sounds. Sometimes I’ll just stand on my tip toes and can still feel the burn. This tip also works anytime you’re standing for a period of time, like when you’re cooking dinner.

Keep your abs flexed

I love doing this one because it’s an easy work out that you don’t even have to move to do! I like to do it while I’m sitting in class, watching tv, or driving. Just try to keep your core as tight as you can for as long as you can.

Focus on posture

At least for me, by the end of a long day my posture gets really bad. When you have good posture it’s also a good work out for your core. It’s helpful a few times a day to remind yourself to keep good posture and focus on keeping your core tight.

*TIP: Buy a posture brace. One of my friends recommended this to me and I wear it all the time! I like to wear it around the house in the evenings or anytime my back is feeling sore. Mine is the TOROS-GROUP Posture Corrector Brace from Amazon and I would definitely recommend it.

Walk whenever you get a chance

I tend to be a stress eater, so I have really tried to focus on doing other activities instead of eating. Walking is great to do to take your mind off of things whenever you are stressed, sad, upset, etc. Whenever you get a chance just try to keep yourself moving.


Speed clean your house

You have to clean anyways, so you might as well pick up the pace! Not only will you break a sweat, but you’ll have more time for other activities.

Stretch while you watch your shows

Stretching is a really great way to keep your body healthy and flexible. I love to sit on the floor and stretch while I’m watching my shows at night. It also helps me relax for bed.

If you have dogs, walk them more

I love to end my night by taking my dogs for a walk with my boyfriend. It’s a good way to spend time together and also stay active, plus the dogs get their energy out so they can have a good night sleep. With a puppy this is becoming necessary if we want to sleep in at all!

*TIP: Go for a walk after dinner to help your food digest faster.


I hope these tips are helpful and keep you active even when you’re busy! Leave a comment about how you get in shape without a gym!

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6 thoughts on “12 Ways To Get In Shape Without A Gym

  1. Hi Katie… I’m new reader to your blog, found you last week (can’t remember how). I like what you’re posting about squeezing in more ops for exercise. I need to do more stretching before sleep. Use caution about parking too far away from other cars, esp at night. Safety first. Love your dogs – what breed are they? Look forward to your other posts!

    1. Thank you so much!! This means a lot. Good point about making sure to stay cautious when parking far from other cars. I always make sure to keep pepper spray in my purse! They are both labs. Daisy is 14 and Lily is almost 4 months

  2. These are great. I have so many people tell me that they don’t have time for the gym. But as you pointed out, there are so many other ways to get in some activities throughout the day. Love it!

    1. Thank you! It’s true that you don’t need to go to the gym to be in shape, you just need to live a healthy lifestyle and stay active throughout your day.

  3. Love all of these! I talk to so many people who absolutely HATE the idea of working out; they have this idea in their head that exercise = intense, sweaty, pain. I firmly believe that there is a type of exercise out there to fit every lifestyle/personality. I recently shared some of my personal tips that I use to look and feel my best. I am hoping they can help anyone who despises the word “diet” or dreads a work out 🙂 blondedrifter.com/vacation-shape/

    1. I totally agree! So many people dread working out, but if you just add a little physical activity in your day to day life it can make such a difference. I’ll check out your tips as well 😊

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